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Being Over Your Due Date (Dad's Perspective)

Waiting to meet your baby is definitely not ideal, but when you go over you due date, you really have no choice. Mom is ancy to get back to a new normal (and to have her body back to herself for the most part), but dad can be just as excited and anxious waiting for your new babe too! Take a look at our newest vlog with Nik’s perspective on going over your due date, making healthy choices, and a tour of Remi’s room, when he does finally make his appearance!

How To Make A Pumpkin Roll! (Vlog)

I started making pumpkin rolls about five years ago to take to Thanksgiving for both Nik and my families. The very first one was a true disaster, tasted wonderful but just fell apart. The second was a beauty, but the texture was crazy gummy. I just wanted a dense, pumpkiny, creamy bite of heaven, and that’s just what I found for you! Visit the vlog to watch step by step instructions on how to make this roll come together!