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Top 10 Surprising Things About a New Baby

Guys. I am a research guru. I am so freaking dedicated to finding trustworthy sources of information, it’s seriously an addiction. I LOVE to research. If I want to try a new dinner menu, I research. If I am concerned with my health, I research. If I want to mentally prepare (don’t we all?) for childbirth and raising… yep, you guessed it… I  RESEARCH my face off! I don’t know how many articles I read about “first days home with baby” or “surprising things about newborns no one tells you”, etc. I am here to remind you that no amount of research in the world, no, GALAXY can prepare you for the sleep deprivation you are about to encounter and the “mom brain” that goes along with it. But what I can do is add to the ever growing lists of crap you should know before bringing your newest family member home, and hopefully ease your discomfort about the abnormal a little. Check out our newest post!

Positivity: Mind EQUALS Mater

We’ve all heard the saying ‘mind over matter’ at some point in our lives literally translating to your ability to overcome obstacles and physical limitations to achieve whatever you want. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but I have a bone to pick with ‘mind over matter’. I agree that you can put your nose to the grindstone and overcome a lot in the physical world. I definitely know this is possible. I’d actually just like to slightly alter the saying and have it read ‘mind EQUALS matter’. This to me says that you create whatever life you want for yourself, depending on your personal mindset, not that the world creates itself and your mindset has to combat the negative that is naturally in the world. Let me explain in our latest blog post on BTB!

The ULTIMATE Hospital Bag Checklist

I know I consulted probably 20 different hospital bag checklists (because I’m neurotic) to make a FULL list of things I may or may not need. After doing all this leg work, I assumed others would want to be reminded of what to take to the hospital, and what to leave behind! Don’t worry, I even have a postpartum care items article in checklist format that was posted earlier this week. I got you mama!

Postpartum Care Item Checklist

So you’re almost ready to have your baby, but you have NO idea what to have (or not to have) for postpartum care? I am here to help with brand new experience! I have compiled a list of all the items I was told were absolute must haves, and I have recategorized what I did and did not use for my own postpartum care, and I’ve also let you know what you can save money on by getting items from the hospital! Check it out and get to prepping your own postpartum care bag ladies!

Pregnancy One-Liner Translations

Pregnancy can be a touchy time, and people also have the need to share their opinions with you 100% of the time. This is called ‘the perfect storm’ in the pregnancy world. Here’s what you may have already heard, what you might hear in the future, and what it really means. Kind of like a ghost of Christmas past, present, and future. Spooky! But seriously, check it out before you flip a lid preggo.

Five Family December Holiday Traditions

We’ve got a bajillion holiday traditions, but only a few repeats that make the cut year after year. I love the closeness that is created from passing down these events or gifts year after year. Take a look at the Boone family traditions, and let us know what your family does! If you don’t have anything, take a few of ours and implement next year! It’s never too late to start something fun and wonderful!

35 Talking Topics for Expectant Parents!

We have this saying in our house called “Nik Games”. Nik likes to bring up any and all topics that are hard for us to talk about. Bless his little soul, it usually ends up with us deeeeeep in conversation about things we never thought we’d be in, and we get to have real dialogue about important (or nonimportant) things. Either way, its been part of our relationship since before we were even dating, and it’s something that we’ve fostered and grown to love over the years. We took “Nik Games” to a new level when we got pregnant, and between my research side and his game playing, we found that these topics were really beneficial in helping us navigate early parenthood choices. For any of you expectant parents, or those just starting to family plan, I definitely recommend visiting these topics and talking them over, sometimes again and again to find out what is a good choice for your family! Enjoy!

Being Over Your Due Date (Dad's Perspective)

Waiting to meet your baby is definitely not ideal, but when you go over you due date, you really have no choice. Mom is ancy to get back to a new normal (and to have her body back to herself for the most part), but dad can be just as excited and anxious waiting for your new babe too! Take a look at our newest vlog with Nik’s perspective on going over your due date, making healthy choices, and a tour of Remi’s room, when he does finally make his appearance!

Our Honeymoon Around The World!

Video, pictures, and alllll the insight from our 3 week long honeymoon last year!! This post is giving me all the feels to do this again when our little man makes his debut, but this was our true fairytale idea of what we’d always wanted our honeymoon to be! From the US, to Greece, Italy, London, and Barbados, we really traveled our hearts out!

Nik's Top 5 Self Help Books To Read!

I’m asked fairly often what books I read to keep myself on track in business, family, and general happiness, and I’ve finally compiled my top 5 books in a few categories for you! Though I’ve read well over 50 self help books, these are the ones that struck a chord with me and actually assisted me to where I am today in my all around life. Take a look and let me know if you read them!

My Pregnancy Nutrition

Finding out we were pregnant was one of the coolest and scariest things ever! Immediately, your entire life changes from what you do in your spare time, to what you can and “can’t” eat. Though many of these things are entirely personal opinions and things you have to formulate for yourself, nutrition is pretty across the board a staple of a healthy pregnancy. Though I was no epitome of health, I did my best and gained what we deemed to be a healthy amount of weight! See my tips and advice on nutrition throughout our pregnancy, and let me know what works for you!