How To Wash Your Hair Less!

How To Wash Your Hair Less!

Somewhere around 2014 I read an online article about a lady who washes her hair every 7 to 10 days. My first thought: Ew! But then I started thinking about my every other day hair washing routine, and how much it dried my hair out. So, low and behold, I was researching how to stop washing my hair as much. Seems straightforward enough, right? Just stop washing your hair as much… duh!

Well, a few days into my new hair experiment, I was asked I’d gone into work with wet hair… I was to be pretty business professional at my 8-5 job there, and not washing- or rather- LOOKING like I hadn’t been washing my hair was gross. Over the next few months, I teetered a fine line between looking homeless and healthy hair, and I finally found a few tips and tricks to get through that adjustment period.

After a few months, my scalp stopped producing as much oil and started to regulate. My new hair routine caught on, and I never looked back! I now go about 7 days between hair washes, saving me time by styling with heat only once every 3-4 days and a touch up around day 4, saving me money on all hair care items because I’m just using less, and making my hair healthier! All the benefits of washing your hair less far outweigh the crappy stage of looking like an oily mess for a few months, so I’m going to share with you now how to go from washing your hair daily or every other day, to washing once a week (or less!).

  1. Come to grips with the fact that you aren’t going to feel squeaky clean for a while. This is okay! When you’re used to a really fresh scalp, the build up can seem gross, but I promise it passes (takes about 60 days or so). Utilize braids, headbands, hats, and so on to keep your hair looking fresh.

  2. Don’t touch your hair or face, this transfers oil from your face and hands to your hair and makes it appear more greasy quicker. If your hair usually hangs in your face, or if you have bangs, you may want to learn how to braid or twist your hair out of your face to prevent touching, or you can try to learn how to hair flip your bangs out of your face without touching.

  3. Get a good dry shampoo, and try not to use it until you REALLY need it. For example, I only use my dry shampoo after my 3rd or 4th day of no washing. If you start using it too early, you’ll get a bad build up of product and need to wash your hair sooner.

  4. Invest in quality products for shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, leave in serum/deep conditioning treatment, and a heat protectant. Buy in bulk if you can to save money! My favorite tried and true products are all mentioned in my hair care post from 2018, and all new products that I’ve tested and reviewed will go on my Instagram story highlight under ‘Reviews’! Check those places for great info on products you may want to try!

  5. Start slow. If you wash your hair every day now, stretch to every other day the first week, then every three days the second week, and so on. This will allow your scalp to slowly taper off making as much oil as it maintains the leftover oils.

  6. If you get a build up residue of product, like dry shampoo (looks like dandruff), PLEASE don’t use a dandruff shampoo! Dandruff shampoos strip your scalp and you basically have to start the whole process over again. Instead, double shampoo your hair. Yes, rinse and repeat if you feel grimy. I like to use my purple shampoo to lighten my blonde hair up, and then use my traditional shampoo afterwards for a cleaner feeling. If this still doesn’t work, you can purchase a clarifying shampoo to help get the build up off, as well as a head scrubber if needed!

  7. Wax and wane your updos. What I mean is:

    1. Sunday: Use a hair mask, treatment, or leave in conditioner. Double wash your hair, condition as normal. Allow to air dry. Do not style.

    2. Monday: Braid bangs out of your face and wear hair in a bun, braid, or ponytail.

    3. Tuesday: Style hair and wear down, try to pin bangs out of your face.

    4. Wednesday: Use dry shampoo and rewear hair from yesterday.

    5. Thursday: Use dry shampoo and rewear style, or begin with a half up half down style.

    6. Friday: Dry shampoo, half up half down or updo.

    7. Saturday: Dry shampoo, updo/ use a headband or hat to help hide the grease!

    8. Sunday: Rinse and repeat weekly!

Over time your hair will adjust, even if it feels like it never will. To speed up the process, you can jump in with both feet and start going longer stretches than one or two days at a time. I really overdid it and started going once a week, then every 10 days, ultimately only liking how it affected my hair up to 7 days, but the weeks I spent only washing every 10 days really helped regulate my hair and scalp oil. I hope this helps you be a little more low maintenance and start washing your hair less! This really helped me to wash less, style less, and grow more, so I hope the same for you and your mane!

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