Month ONE With Remington Troy

Month ONE With Remington Troy

Holy crap how a month has just FLOWN by with our Mister Sweet Face! We’ve had good days and rough days and everything in between, but wow how we have enjoyed being mommy and daddy to this little man. I assume if the next 18 years are anything like this month, I’ll blink and he’ll be graduating from high school. I don’t even know how to summarize going from a family of two adults and two dogs to a party of three and the pups truthfully, so I’ll just answer the most asked questions since our birth story went out! It’s all so new to all of us, and I have mom brain, so forgive me if I skip some details…


It’s easy to give off an online presence like you have your life together, so here’s the real talk ladies and gents. Some days are easier than others, and it seems like we’re in a two steps forward, half step back pattern. There are huge wins like stretches of 4 hours of sleep at night, upping my milk supply, and or babe starting to recognize us and smile at us and our voices, and then there’s nights he’s up every hour for 6 hours straight, days he wants to eat more than I can make, and gas, hanger, and general hatred for changing clothes after he’s peed through his diaper in the middle of the night. Those things are getting easier as we watch him get his own personality and learn who we are. I have to honestly say, we’re doing really well. We did underestimate how much work a new baby would be, solely because we assumed they slept more and didn’t need to be occupied quite as much, but that part we adjusted to in just a few days. Nik is such a wonderful daddy, and I am so grateful to have landed such a killer guy to call my husband in the times of colic, limited sleep, or general anxiety because he pushes me to find a new normal and get to a place where we are functioning well, not just living day by day, but getting back to routine which is so key. We’re happy, he’s healthy, and we’re alllllll learning each other. It’s such a happy adjustment to our family, and just like everyone said, I’m not sure what we filled our time with before!


So I do have a ‘10 Surprising Things’ article coming out in the next week, but I would say the breathing, eating, sleeping, and love I have for this little guys was most surprising. I know that sounds like basically everything a newborn has to offer, but I’ll go more in depth in the blog post next week! Side note, we had a meltdown over his boy parts during the first bath, and you’ll want to read that story because it’s hilarious (also on the 10 surprising things blog post coming up)!


This one is touch and go honestly, but it gets better every day. In the beginning we would rush to pick him up from the bassinet every single time he made a peep, which didn’t always mean he was awake, so we’d startle him and he’d cry, we’d try to pacify him or feed, and he’d go back to sleep only to have the same thing happen an hour later. Needless to say we really jacked up those first few nights of sleep for ourselves. BUT, we found out his preferences, where and when he needs sleep, and we’re reading his sleepy cues better and better every day. I also follow Taking Cara Babies on Instagram and will be buying her newborn, 4-5 month, and ABCs of sleep training techniques to set Mister Man up for a full night’s sleep success! She gives great *free* tips on her blog too, so definitely go give her a follow! Nowadays, Remi sleeps for about an hour-2 hours during his daytime naps and takes about 4 of those, and he gets 2-4 hour stretches at night, so we reeeeeally can’t complain at all. He’s been a treat the last few nights, only waking 2 or 3 times and going RIGHT back to sleep so that’s freaking amazing.


So just a few moments after being born, Remi latched and fed for TWO HOURS. I remember I kept asking my nurse if I should keep feeding him because it didn’t feel like I had anything left in there to give him… and my nipples felt like they were going to be ripped right off my person, but she said to keep letting him nurse, so I did just that! Flash forward to coming home, and my milk took 5 days to come in… well my kid is a VERY hungry little dude, so I was trying to feed him every 2 hours for like 30-45 minutes, or LONGER and he was always still fussy. I had no idea what the problem was, until our first appointment with our pediatrician who said he was probably still hungry and based on his dirty diapers, she said my milk hadn’t come in yet (I mean I didn’t know because my boobs definitely got bigger, apparently they just weren’t making juices yet). In the coming days, my milk came in but could not keep up with Remi’s appetite, so we started supplementing with formula (thank god for the free sample I had in my house from my OB!) and he took it. He was immediately a happier kid. He would stay awake a little longer, he was nursing better, he had more dirty and wet diapers, and my milk supply is only just now keeping up with him for the most part. I was so upset when we had to supplement at first, but there was no reason for me to be upset. I was eating and drinking as I should, I was doing everything healthfully I could to increase my supply, and I was nursing like crazy. Nik had to talk me off an anxiety riddled ledge, and I was relieved to have a happy, healthy kid who was gaining weight at our following appointment. I have to say I am a believer in “FED is best” and my hungry boy can attest to this too!


Well I have a few articles on a hospital bag checklist, postpartum must haves, and new mommy must haves coming out soon! Go check out the others and see what YOU need for you and your babe!


Mentally I am usually stable, but I sometimes get a burst of anxiety when I have to go out in public myself and the baby. I try to get out of the house once a day for my own sanity, and I have Nik’s support and a few gal pals that we visit with often. I get some ‘me time’ every night after the baby goes to bed, and Nik and I still take advantage of naptime to have some us time too. I fly off the handle when plans change, but I’ve always been that way. I have Remi on somewhat of a routine and I swear it’s the only thing to keep me sane, so when people come over wanting to visit with the baby, it’s the hardest thing in the WORLD, but I ask them to leave the baby be until he wakes up on his own if he is napping or he turns into a pumpkin fairly quickly and it stresses me out to the tenth degree when he cries and needs to be fed or put down for a nap and people won’t let him be. I don’t have this crazy rigid schedule, but I do try to read his hungry and sleepy cues as best I can to keep him happy and myself sane.

Now as far as this postpartum mom bod, I am actually kind of shocked how quickly things are going back to normal-ish. Within a few days I had plenty of tops and yoga pants that fit that I haven’t worn in MONTHS, so that was cool. I fit into most of my pre-baby jeans minus the top button part, and I plan to start exercising at the gym after my 6 week appointment with my OB where I hopefully get the OK to go back to working out at the end of January. I gained a total of about 40 pounds while pregnant, and I was 20 pounds lighter the day we came home. I have about 10 more pounds to go until pre-baby weight, but I also was a little heavier than I’d hoped to be when I got pregnant, so I’m really going to focus on my health and happiness with my new self this year. I did get some stretch marks on my lower tummy and breasts, and they’re starting to fade into the skin colored, shiny marks you can really only see when the light hits them, so I don’t mind them too much. My ab muscles and belly skin are stretched out and jiggly, so I can’t wait for that to get to a more normal state, and even more so after I start working out. I don’t expect a 6 pack, just health! All in all, I am amazed at what a woman’s body can do and endure to bear children. Witnessing it first hand is truly a treat!


I now work from home 100%. I go into the office only once or twice a month when I need to train our bookkeeper on something, and I check and respond to emails and work on marketing as often as needed at home. Nik has to work a little more than me of course, he actually went right back to showing houses the day after we came home from the hospital, but he is home as much as he can be, and he helps a ton with the baby. He actually is toting him around as we speak to a lunch and work appointment so I can have some alone time, which is greatly appreciated. The businesses are running well, and Nik is as busy as ever, just utilizing our team and prioritizing while Remi is so small so he doesn’t miss out on much at all.


The month has been a total blur, and it feels like it’s been a week and a year all at the same time. We are learning, growing, and finding our new normal. I am grateful for my awesome husband helping out so much, and I’m thankful for such a healthy baby boy. Every day brings its own failures and feats, but parenthood has been an all around blast thus far. I am looking forward to seeing who this little guy is going to be!

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