Postpartum Care Item Checklist

Postpartum Care Item Checklist

I will make this short, sweet, and to the point for you mama. I know you’re tired and probably in slight pain, maybe even lots of pain, and I definitely feel you! I’ve linked Amazon products below juuuuust in case you didn’t order these items before your delivery, and I encourage you to make your postpartum care purchases the same time you pack your hospital bag, around 35 weeks! Get on it girl!! I’ve broken this into 2 categories for you to save time and money. If you can get it from the hospital, DO IT. And ask for extras! If you need to order and pay money for it, I promise it’s for a SOLID reason. I would not lead you astray, or have your purchase anything that I did not 100% use myself!!



Disposable underwear. You need them, they’re comfy, you’re going to ruin them. Ask for extras.

Witch hazel cooling pads. Ask for extras. I used these for the first 2 weeks straight and had wonderful pain relief and healing! If you can’t get @ least 2 sets of 50, order more (Tucks are great).

Puppy pads. Lay them in your bed if you worry about postpartum leaks on your good sheets. They are also awesome for under baby when changing diapers (I have one on my changing table during extreme blowouts and I carry one in my diaper bag for impromptu changes and you can lay baby down anywhere!

Huge pads. Nearly diapers. You need a bunch of these. You will bled for somewhere around 3 weeks.

Crack and use cold pads. You couuuuld buy reusable ones, but GROSS. I got like 15 from the hospital and used them a few times a day for the first few days home.

Prescription for motrin. Get it filled. Take it as prescribed (like every 5 hours). Even if you don’t hurt, you will. Your stitches, swelling, and even nipples will thank me.

Numbing spray (Dermoplast). YAAAAAS KWEEEEEEN. USe it often the first few days.

Colace or other stool softener. That first poop is scary but this helps! Take it for the first few days home and drink a ton of water!

Peri bottle. I used the Fridet too, but honestly I didn't’t feel like ti was worth the hype. I preferred my hospital given peri bottle. Ask for two if you have 2 bathrooms that you may use. I use the one in my master bath at night, but the one closest to the baby’s room when up with him or during the day.


Hydroflask. You’re tired and making boob juice. Stay hydrated mama.

Heavy pads and a small set of pantyliners.

Postpartum panties for weeks 2-6. I liked these because they made me feel like my guts weren’t falling out. Yes they’re high waisted and suuuper comfy. No they are not super flattering.

Blanqi postpartum leggings. Guys. I LIVE in these. I am 4 weeks postpartum currently and just a few belly pounds short of fitting in my pre-pregnancy pants. For those weird in between weeks, have a gameplan, and I SUUUUPER recommend these leggings. High waited, crazy comfy, thick, and the perfect amount of tummy and thigh control to help you feel like your old self.

Mother’s Milk Tea to help with establishing or increasing lactation (milk supply).

Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream for those days you think your nips are going to detach from your body if your kid suckles one more time.

Single use or reusable nursing pads. I have both and prefer the reusable ones, but know that they’re not all made equally and some are scratchy. These are not.

Numbing spray or balm. They balm worked surprisingly well!

Lansinoh hot and cold breast pads. Keep one set in the freezer @ all times (for after feeding) and one ready to be put in the microwave (for before feeding). These not only help in the first few days with the topical nipple pain, but can also help with engorgement and other boobie issues later on! I still use mine at least weekly!

Nursing bras, tank tops, and nightgowns. Get one of each and decide what you like best. I preferred nursing bras with a regular tank top over it, and sleeping in a nursing nightgown personally!

Travel and home sized hand sanitizers AND antibacterial hand soaps for every sink in your house.

Pacifiers. Lifesavers. I will use them any chance I get. Nipple confusion isn’t a real thing according to most all pediatricians, so don’t let it scare you. Infants like to suck or scream. They choice is yours! Side note, it’s best to have samples of a few and see if your kid will take them before you buy 12 in bulk.

Dreft baby detergent. I have super sensitive skin to detergents, and I assumed our baby might too. Plus, Dreft smells like baby. Get it now!

Feeding, Diaper Changes, and Pumping App to track your life. You will be tired and you will forget. When your pediatrician asks how often he eats and how many dirty diapers you get daily, you’ll have a handy app to refer to. I like the one called Baby Tracker.

Nursing pillow. Your baby gets heavy when you have to nurse for 20+ minutes, and you will too.

Breast pump and storage bags. I love my Medela Pump In Style and please note that you can likely get one covered by your insurance but it takes a while to come in, so get on this early on!

Dr. Brown’s bottles. They cut down on air getting into baby’s tummy, cutting down on uncomfortable gas, and you’ll definitely need them if you are formula feeding, pumping and feeding, or if you need to supplement at any point, you’ll be happy you have a small set in the house.


Sitz baths. If you’re okayed by your doc to take a bath, take a fullllll bath. Not just a butt bath!

The Fridet. Babyfrieda had moms in mind, and the concept is cool, but I wasn’t super impressed. You kinda need a big toilet bowl for this guy to work properly, and I didn’t feel like I preferred it to my hospital peri bottle. Spend your money on the NoseFrieda instead!

Mama Earth Nipple Cream. Stains literally everything in sight and didn’t keep me as hydrated on my sensitive areas like the Lansinoh cream does!

Reusable heating and cooling perineum pads. Again, good concept and multiple use, but that also means multiple cleanings and I didn’t like that at all. Ew.

Herbal numbing sprays. Okay your health consciousness is in the right place, but when all else failed me, and my motrin was wearing off, I reached for Dermoplast or this peri balm.

Single use nursing pads. Okay I like the idea of ordering at least 7 reusable nursing pads, so one pair can keep you dry throughout the day, but the single use pads have stickers on the back so they’ll stay in place in your bra cup when you’re feeding. This actually doesn't really work. They get balled up, they move when you pull your nursing bra down, and in the unfortunate case that the sticker gets flip flopped over, it will wax your nipple which is not something you need on day 5 of breastfeeding. Ouch.

Go see my new mommy must haves article for all the stuff you need for your new baby that you may not have thought of! Remember to take care of yourself mama, and ALWAYS ask for help if you need it! I have traded off the baby with my hubby just to get a good shower in, or to brush my teeth. Those small things will help you feel human again, I swear!

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