DISC Personality Profiles

DISC Personality Profiles

This is part one of two installments first explaining DISC personality traits, and the next session that will explain how to build a team using different personalities according to their DISC Profile.

DISC is an acronym that stands for Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Compliant (there are different synonyms for these words, but these are what we use in our office). Each of these can be combined as a “high D, low I” or “high I, low C”, even a tie such as a “high I, high C”. As we go through these, you’ll be able to see what each of these personalities means, and you can even take your own DISC test! We utilize the Tony Robbins DISC, though there are other DISC tests out there, we just find this one to be most helpful and accurate.


‘D’ Personalities

  • Generalizations:

    • Solves problems quickly and assertively.  

    • Has an active and direct approach to obtaining desired results.

  • Character Traits:

    • Dominant, Team Lead

    • Decisive

    • Determined

  • Must Have:

    • Respect

    • Choices

    • Control

‘I’ Personalities

  • Generalizations

    • Meets new people gregariously (friendly), and is socially assertive.

    • Interactive, open, talkative with those they know, and those they’ve just met.

  • Character Traits:

    • Influencing

    • Interactive

    • Imaginative

    • Involved

  • Must Have:

    • Affirmation

    • Popularity

    • Recognition

‘S’ Personalities

  • Generalizations:

    • Prefer more controlled and predictable environments.

    • Has a greater longevity or tenure in positions than other personalities.

  • Character Traits:

    • Stable

    • Steady

    • Supportive

  • Must Have:

    • Security

    • Approval

    • Appreciation

‘C’ Personalities

  • Generalizations

    • Adheres to rules, standards, and protocol.

    • Exercises the highest quality control interests.

  • Character Traits:

    • Conscientious

    • Cautious

    • Competent

    • Contemplative

  • Must Have:

    • Values Respected

    • Confirmation

    • Rules and Regulations

Being considered a “high D”, I am the team lead, and owner of our company. This means that in a team setting, I personally will take charge and sometimes be a bit too blunt when explaining my wants and needs from my team. This is neither good, nor bad, just builds understanding. Each person will have a mixture of all 4 of these personality categories, but none exactly the same. I am also considered a “high I”, thus I am fairly good at communicating, meeting new people, and persuasion. Kenzie is a “high I” as well, though that is her highest category, she is also a “high C” meaning she adheres very strictly to guidelines and regulations.

Being “low” in a category just means the opposite, and that the personality traits are not associated with you. I am a “low S”, meaning I am not much of a stable employee. I need something new in my life fairly often and I enjoy the unpredictable. Kenzie is a “low D” meaning she is not fond of being direct or a quick problem solver.

These traits are good to know about yourself and how you may function in a team or autonomously, but also, be aware, these traits can change. If you are an ‘S’ but you want to be a ‘D’, you can get there, you simply need to learn traits and characteristics that make you more of a ‘D’ and exercise those traits. Over the last 5-7 years, once a year, Kenzie and I retake the DISC Test and see where we are that particular year. Depending on our personal and business lives, and what positions, trials, and triumphs we’ve had that year, we fluctuate between me being a higher ‘D’ some years and a higher ‘I’ the next, and Kenzie being a high ‘I’ but a higher ‘C’ on the next. It’s okay that it changes, that means you’re growing!

Take the quiz HERE and let us know what YOU are!

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