Nik's Top 5 Self Help Books To Read!

Nik's Top 5 Self Help Books To Read!

I would consider myself an avid reader, but not a bookworm. I like to switch it up and physically read a book every couple of months, turning pages and all, to keep my mind warmed up and give my eyes a break technology. According to my wife, my books are ‘boring’ and ‘mundane’ because 90% of them are in the realm of self help, but I can’t get enough of them! I didn’t want to give you my top 5 self help books, because there are so many realms of self help, so I broke my book obsession into categories for you. Best book for new entrepreneurs, best book for seasoned entrepreneurs, best book to spark new ideas, best for a father-to-be, and best book for all around happiness in your life. Other books preach to be the best, and I don’t want to go all buck wild and write a bunch of books that people haven’t heard of, or books that promise to make you a millionaire or give you the BEST advice on life in general, just for the sake of giving you some new book titles to add to your reading list. These books played some part in the way my mind currently works, and made a positive impact on my outlook in general. Some I read over 5 years ago, some just this year. In our personal library, we have well over 50 self help books of all categories. Some of them you may have read already, some of which you may have heard of, but not read, and some of them you may have never heard of, but I have read all of them in a physical, paperback book, not Audible, not on a Kindle, written text that was printed and delivered to my eyes. There’s something a bit nostalgic about reading text off a screen. All authors say “publish or perish” because people come and go, but words can never die. Maybe that’s where I am, writing you all articles for the sake of having text on a publish forum..., maybe I can look back one day and laugh and giggle at a younger Nik’s thoughts, or maybe I have some good points for you today... I digress, here are some books written by better authors than I! Enjoy! (As always, you can click the hyperlink on the book to purchase it on Amazon)


Best Book for New Entrepreneurs

The best book by far for people considering starting a new business, or trying something on their own is The E Myth. This book is for anyone thinking about starting and scaling any business, and my go to book when people ask for a reference, so this review will be the longest review of them all. This book basically talks about the three different types of people in life: the worker, the manager, and the entrepreneur. The biggest take away from this book was the fact that some people are great at working and doing their trade, but not great at running a business in their trade. For instance, if someone is great at making bread, that doesn’t make them great at running a bread store. This type of person would be smarter just making delicious bread and letting someone sell, manage, run, and deal with the bread store because he didn’t learn any of that by making bread.

A lot of misconception comes with running a business and I think a lot of employees think that running a business is easy, when in fact it is not. I often get asked what I would be doing if I didn’t own a real estate company, my answer is simple, I would own a different company. My personality is an entrepreneur, which has its pros and cons. I am always looking for the next best thing, how to improve, how to make more, how to start something else, etc. It’s always exciting, but a lot of ‘half ideas’ expire into just a dream very quickly if there is not proper action. The next personality is a worker. This can be best explained in the bread scenario above. There is more to being profitable than being able to make a good bread, and worker personalities learn this quickly after going out on their own. I see this personality a lot more than any of the others because they think that the grass is greener on the other side, when in fact, they’re happiest and most efficient doing exactly what they’re currently doing.

The last personality if the manager type. This person is great at managing people, tasks, anything day to day, for the greater good. They are great at keeping the team together, raising morale, and making sure the micro goals are met daily, with a few macro goals sprinkled in there. A well-balanced business needs all three of these personalities to be successful in my opinion (and obviously in the opinion of thousands of others… because this book has TONS of 5 star reviews). I have always seen the value in delegation, even when it meant that I would be less profitable for some time because frankly, I am not the greatest in the world at every department in my company. If someone calls angrily asking my staff to talk to me, they try to assure them as much as possible that they in fact do not want to talk to me because I don’t have the time (or frankly the patience) to comfort their every whim. If they have a problem, I will offer a fair solution, but I won’t stay on the phone just to hear them complain about a situation, whereas some of my employees are amazing at calming people down and getting them much happier than I ever could. Nevertheless, all three personalities are needed, and recognizing which one you are is key to making your first hire, recognizing the void in your office, or knowing what you need to work towards until you can make your first hire.


Best Book for Seasoned Entrepreneurs

My suggestion for this is a classic: Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book was fundamental in my starting my companies in the first place. While I don’t agree with every single point he makes, I 100% agree with the overall picture he’s trying to paint. There are two choices everyone can make, and sometimes the person you think is rich, isn’t and vice versa. ‘Smart’ is a relative term, and people don’t just walk around with a personal balance sheet, or net worth around their neck, so people that look rich aren’t always rich and people that look poor aren’t always poor. This book does a great job at showing what the end goal is, not what the end goal should look like for people. The greatest thing that this book does for a seasoned entrepreneur is reminds them of the ultimate end goal. I’ve read this book a few different times and I took something different away from it every time, especially after my business was self sufficient and successful. The latest take away from it was to keep the end game in mind, rather than caring about what other people think. Reminding yourself that the “normal route” to older age is not necessarily the correct way for everyone. There’s truly a monumental take away from this mid sized read. Side note, in this book he talks about the importance of having a property manager when owning real estate, and this was one of the single most influential pieces of advice in starting my property management company.


Best Book to Spark New Ideas

Oh the new ideas book. I’m asked quite often how to be continuously innovative, and my answer is to foster your imagination. Don’t allow too much structure to deter you from a good idea. This book is unlike any other I have read, and it ranks number 1 in creativity, uniqueness, and overall just coolness in a book. I bought one for myself and one for my wife, and we both loved it, and remember she isn’t a self help junkie. This book is appropriately named The Idea Book. This is a great read when you feel dull, or you’re going on a long flight, or you just want to get lost in thought every now and again. The concept, while simple, is absolutely amazing. The book is a couple hundred pages, the catch is that half of them are blank! The other half, filled with thought provoking text, quotes, or ideas. The “idea” is that the page with text should mesh with something in your life that you are thinking about or needing to just dump a bunch of thoughts down about. Some of the pages are a few words or less, some are a page or two, but all of them are designed to get something moving on top of your shoulders that wasn’t moving before. I also love the openness of a blank page. They didn’t put blank lines, or blank boxes or blank anything. They put nothing. You can literally jot down some words, sentences, pictures, doodles, whatever you want! I can’t draw very well, other than the house with one window, grass, and a tree… maybe even a chimney if I’m feeling really creative (if you can’t draw very well you know exactly what picture I am referring to), so my pages are either words or sentences, but it’s open for anything! I’ve read through each page and some stood out to me and I took notes right away, others I read and didn’t feel a passion about it so saved it for another flight and sure enough it struck a chord with me the next time. Must have for anyone just trying to get lost in their own head or needing to de-stress a little bit.


Best Book for a Father-To-Be

If you haven’t carried or given birth to a child, like myself, this book is a very relieving book. It gives you an idea of what to expect, what you’re likely feeling, what your partner is feeling, tips on what you can do to foster understanding and connection during this time, and what is to come. This book is called The Expectant Father. Probably would have guessed that, as this is one of the highest rated books for soon-to-be dads, but that doesn’t make it have any less of an impact. Throughout some of the crazier thoughts I’ve had while going through this pregnancy with my wife, this has been a rock solid foundation for my thoughts and concerns all along the way. It break down each stage month by month, and even told me what I would feel before I felt it. The author also did a great job on making it a comfortable read for this nerve racking era in your life. I don’t want to give too much away with this book, but I will say that it’s a must. He also wrote a sequel called The New Father, which I haven’t read yet, but I own it and plan on reading it the first few weeks of the birth of our little baby boy. Even if you aren’t a reader, this one would help out the first timers out here guaranteed.


Best Book for Happiness

I read this book at a low point in my life to find some direction on what I was really looking for, and this book did not disappoint. The best book for happiness has to be Before Happiness. It talks a lot about the mind set that is needed to achieve happiness as well as how to get there. Now before I lose you, I’ve read a lot of books like this that are a little corny, and don’t really offer any insight. They kind of just throw out some generic happy ideas and tell you to be positive, but this one is a little different. It talks about being happy of course, but it also talks about not being delusional about it. It has some medical findings to support some of its ideology, I’m always a fan if science is involved. This script does go over some parts about loving yourself and whatnot, but it reinforces a positive goal driven path to get there. It has you imagine the path, set micro and macro goals, and see it through. Overall, this was a great read and makes you feel pretty good about yourself and where you want to see yourself when you accomplish your goals. Personally, I hold happiness above all else including, intelligence, wealth, success, experiences, etc, as I’m sure many people would. The only thing it may come in second to would be health, which is a close race. Happiness is high on the list of priorities for me and my family. Read this book!

There you have it. A list of books to read depending which point you’re at in your life that could help you out in different facets of your problems or areas to work on. If I left a book off, or you want to see a different category let me know and I can do another article more in depth!  

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