New Mom Necessities, By Moms, FOR Moms!

New Mom Necessities, By Moms, FOR Moms!

Wow! I am so blown away at the responses to my survey, and what’s awesome, is most moms agreed on the almost ALL subjects, so that means we’ve got some airtight info for you mommies and daddies to be, or new parents, which can be the difference in living your best life, and being a total mombie (mom+zombie). Please note, when I say “moms” in this post, I’m referring to all parents. I realize dads play a huge part too, and some of my responses were from dads (GO YOU GUYS!!). For simplicity, please know that all the info I have his from my survey released about 3 weeks ago (a month a go by the time this article is posted), and I have not done some cray amount of extensive research on this stuff. This is information derived from moms and dads that I know or who know someone, who know someone, who follows Balancing The Boones, etc. With that being said, I’ve tried to cut out the fluff on this one and make it as informational as possible for you, and I’ve also added hyperlinks into all products taking you to specific websites, or Amazon for everything else. Leggggggo!


Starting with a breakdown of the basic info from my survey:

  • 73% of moms who filled out my survey have a baby younger than 5 years old.

  • 53% of moms said to register at Target, 27% said Amazon, and most others said either both or both AND Buy Buy Baby.

    • When asked for tips on the registry, the overall themes were:

      • Less is more, don’t register for the sake of having it on your registry, don’t add random stuff, etc.

      • Talk to other moms to see what you’ll actually use.

      • Put it on there if you really want it, even if it’s expensive, you’d be surprised what people spend on you!

      • If you register at multiple places, don’t double up. One product on one registry.

  • 80% of moms had a vaginal delivery, and the rest were cesarean mommies, not that it matters how their babes were brought into the world, but I wanted you to know for the postpartum care section, that we had some info from BOTH sides!

Now onto the nitty gritty! Again, this is meant to be an informative post, so I won’t fluff it up (much), as I have zero real-life momming experience in the game as of today’s date. I’ll be updating with my own info after our baby arrives!



  • 92% of moms said to start out with an infant car seat THEN a toddler and up seat, as opposed to an all-in-one (from infant to booster).

    • Top recommendation was the Graco Snugride for ease of installation and compatibility with the other Graco products.

    • Runner up was Chicco Keyfit for ease of installation and compatibility with Chicco products.

STROLLER / TRAVEL SYSTEM (Means Stroller + Car Seat, Recommended)

  • 54% of moms said to purchase a traditional 4-wheeled stroller, 27% said a 3-wheeled jogger, and the rest basically said both!



  • 64% of moms said to go with a carrier, 24% said a wrap, a few said wrap THEN carrier, and a few said both! (One response said “hell no, I would drop my child”. I want you to know I snorted tea right out of my nose, so thank you for the chuckle).



  • 35% of moms said to go with a bassinet, 23% said buy a cosleeper insert, 16% said go straight to the crib, and the rest were a mixture of all of these! (One thing worth mentioning here was A LOT of moms have also used a Rock N Play, but said something like ‘don’t judge me’ or ‘it was a lifesaver but not forever’; I want ALL my mommas to know that THIS is pure gold. THIS is what we new mommas need! The TRUTH!

    • Top recommendation for bassinet by far was the Halo Swivel Sleeper bassinet, DockATot was top for cosleeper.

    • No runner up really on this one, just many mentions of reading up on cosleeping before you do it, don’t do it when you’re crazy tired or if you’re under the influence of ANYTHING. Safety first ladies!


  • Most moms here said to go with a video and sound monitor, most did not like the ones that connected to wifi for hacking reasons, and preferred one with an app and a physical monitoring receiver to look at video and sound so spouse could check if other parent had the receiver.




  • Most moms here said to get plenty of burp cloths, but that receiving blankets will often be used in a pinch, because it’s not like your baby schedules their spit ups for a convenient time. Bibs are cool, but mostly used to keep drool off clothes.

    • Top recommendations were fairly simple, “super absorbent” burp cloths and receiving blankets.

    • Additional recommendations for bandana bibs for teething because they’re functional AND cute with outfits.

    • Something worth mentioning was to get plenty of soft, muslin swaddles as well. Not for spit up, but many moms mentioned it in this specific category!



  • 89% of moms said to go with disposable diapers, while the remainder wither said cloth or both.




  • Lots of moms were a fan of swings and walkers, but dubbed bouncers and tables not so necessary.

    • Top recommended swing was the 4Moms Mamaroo for those times baby needs movements and you can’t hold them 24/7, top walker was the VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker for the cool buttons on the front and versatility.

    • Runner up was the Graco Simple Sway swing.

    • A few things worth mentioning:

      • Moms reiterated the need for a Fisher Price Rock N Play here, preferably one that vibrates.

      • Moms were in agreement that very baby prefers something different, so don’t spend a fortune on a swing because it may be a waste of money and space. Try to find a used one if you can!

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  • Moms were fairly in agreement on these things you do NOT need to buy or register for:

    • Clothes were the top no-no here!

    • Wipe warmers x1000. Seriously, don’t get one.

    • The ‘best’ or most expensive of everything. It’s overrated.

  • Something worth mentioning here was that moms agreed to be minimalistic and to buy other things you actually need as you go. Amazon has 2 day shipping, soon to be 1 day or same day in my hometown, so we can all live one more day without something if we do decide that it’s necessary!




  • By far, my favorite part of this article to re-write for my moms that submitted answers:

    • Have patience and enjoy them while they are little. It goes SO fast. Live in the moment.

    • Don’t let anyone boss you around or shame you. You’re the BEST mom for this job. Trust your own intuition and do what’s best in your eyes.

    • Ask for help. Lean on your spouse, friends, and family for support.

    • Breastfeeding is not natural, and will likely be hard. Keep at it and meet with a support group or lactation consultant.

    • Take care of yourself. That’s the only way you can take care of your baby too!

    • Don’t compare your experience with others. Moms and babies develop at all different rates. It’s always case by case.

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To close, I’m going to leave you with some direct quotes that just made me laugh and smile with excitement for our own little man!

“My best piece of advice is ask for help when you need it. Mommin' is hard! This little human becomes your whole life in the blink of an eye, and no one expects you to be perfect at it (little secret, literally none of us f*cking are.) So when you're on day three of no sleep, and you haven't showered, don't be afraid to phone a friend! I can't tell you how nice it was to have someone come and hold M***** for 30 minutes while I got to actually shave my armpits for the first time in a week, plus PEOPLE WANT TO HELP so exploit that sh*t. OH! Phantom crying is a real thing and it's scary as fuck. You'll be in the shower or vacuuming and you'll hear your baby crying but once the water or the vacuum stops... it's gone. So that's real, you're not crazy. No one told me that sh*t haha.”

Babies suck at first. They are cute but just cry and do nothing so it gets frustrating. Once they start to develop a personality and become more independent life improves. The lack of sleep and crying and everything wears you down but it gets better!

“No matter what you do, they’re all gonna end up eating dirt. Try not to stress to hard. You’ll be amazing parents!!❤️”

“No Mom is perfect we are all learning as we go! Everyone is going to judge your mommy style so get used to the criticism! Don’t be afraid to ask for a break or help from the hubby or family and keep your mamma on speed dial for any questions or a close Mom friend! Congratulations Mama soak it all in it goes so fast! 😢”

I just want to say THANK YOU to all the moms and dads that filled out my survey. From one expecting mommy to you experienced parents, I know that I can’t predict what will work, or not, what will be hard, and what comes naturally, etc. But to me at least, knowledge is power. I loved reading the responses telling me what was or wasn’t worth it. The beautiful thing about this post is that allllllll the parents were CRAZY supportive. It’s great knowing that there is a tight knit parent gang close to me, and likely one close to alllllll the new or expecting moms out there. Thank you for all the info moms and dads!

To my new or expecting parents, I hope you found the info here helpful and uplifting. I sure did! Share with your friends and let me know if I’ve missed anything!

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