Remington Troy's Baby Shower Deets!

Remington Troy's Baby Shower Deets!

What is one dream every little girl has had? If you said ‘a GIANT, suuuper luxe tea party’, you are correct! Well… in my case anyway. Literally from the time I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t care if we were having a boy or a girl, but I knew I was having high tea with all my closest gal pals.

Was is a lot of planning? Yes. Was it a crap ton of setup and take down? Also yes. Was it 12 straight hours of preparation the day before? Well… not if you don’t count the many breaks we took to stuff our faces, but should those also be counted, then yes. Was it amazing? THE FREAKING BEST.

I, thankfully, had a TON of help planning, prepping, setting up, and cleaning from my hubby, friends, and family, and our tea party baby shower turned into an absolute HIT!

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So I got married in October 2017, and had a Bridal Shower thrown by my bridesmaids and mom in September 2017, followed by our wedding. I’m a pretty hardcore DIYer, and I have some amazingly talented friends and family, so these events were absolutely dreamy, and didn’t cost a fortune (allllll thanks to my sweet, sweet helpers). These poor friends and family of mine have already had to plan and help me execute the Bridal Shower and wedding, and a godawful amount of decorating before and after that from numerous Halloween parties, to Nik’s Gatsby themed birthday bash, my 90’s themed birthday, coming home parties, New Year’s Eve… and those are just the ones I’ve had at our house! Needless to say, we love entertaining, and I have never been known to throw a half-a**ed party. I’m not really sure why, but my friends always jump in and offer to help me too (which I am ALWAYS grateful for). This year, when we finally started talking about a baby shower, I had 3 friends jump right up and volunteer to throw the tea party of my wildest dreams, and so many more who hopped on board for setup and clean up duties. We started planning in June, shortly after we found out baby Remi was going to be a boy, and my friends started a Pinterest collaboration board (which you NEED to use when planning ANYTHING with friends) and we all got to pinning! Seeing these pictures and articles really helped us all get on the same page with decor and color schemes. Before I knew it, we had almost 100 pins, and so much pinspiration, it was fabulous!



So the MVPs of all things prepping for this particular event wers my friends Jenn (basic planning, menu, games, etc), Shelly (basic planning, inspiration for decor, etc), Leah (flowers, chalkboards, and all around problem solver), and Kristen (basically whatever I told her I needed outside of what the others helped with). We were all put on the previously mentioned Pinterest board, and a group chat. We solidified where we’d be getting all of the rental items, decor, etc from, and set out to buy and craft our hearts out. I definitely recommend setting your shower at least 8 weeks before your due date, because the prep alone was strenuous, but I started to get WAYYYY more tired as time progressed, and I could not imagine trying to organize and put gifts I received away any later that I am in my pregnancy right now. Again, I had an enormous amount of help, but if you don’t have a ton of help, set the shower earlier than Google tells you to. Seriously, it’s worth it.

Jenn came over a few weeks before the shower to sort out the day of schedule (which I recommend doing just like a wedding, you don’t want your guests held hostage for 5 hours…). I wanted a 2-3 hour long shower at the MOST. To be 100% honest, I am not a fan of baby showers myself, but of course, your own is a bit different. I imagined my closest friends and family coming over for basically an extended high-tea/lunch, and set the schedule from there. Jenn helped me plan a menu, games, organize to dos for the others, send reminders, craft, and recipe test within the next few weeks. Again, get your final ducks in a row (including head count) at least 2 weeks in advance; no joke, I was personally texting people asking if they were coming or not.

SIDE RANT, not responding to an RSVP at all is crap people. Call, text, send a pigeon, do something. I mean if you’re close family or friends and the assumption of your presence is clear, to each her own I guess, but Jesus Christ, when you’re planning for food and rentals, it’s just rude. RSVP even if it’s just a simple ‘sorry, can’t make it’! End rant :)

I sent out invitations that I made on Microsoft Publisher and had printed on photo paper at Walgreens within 24 hours with envelopes.  Super cheap, super cute, and super fast. I sent out Invitations at the end of August and allowed the full month of September for RSVPs. October 1st I was hounding people for ‘yes’ or ‘no’s, and my shower was October 13th, so we were right on track!



Ohhhhh. Emmmm. Geeeeee. Our menu was ahhhhhhmazing! First things first, Jenn is very familiar with true English tea parties because she has family that lives IN ENGLAND. I felt like I had the Queen’s tea connoisseur as a bestie, so that was a perfect ‘in’. We’d all Pinterested so many yummy tea cakes, scones, and sandwiches, that we really had to narrow the list down.

Jenn educated me on the tea party three tier platters and what went where.

The bottom tier, also the largest, was for savory snack sized quiches and sandwiches. We elected to order the Chicken & Swiss Sandwich Roller Tray (48 rolls total, they have a nommy cranberry cream cheese filling, chicken, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato) and we purchased one box (72 pieces) of quiches (swiss cheese and applewood flavored, and classic florentine, YUMMM).

The middle tier was reserved for tea pairings, so Jenn and I made scones, shortbread cookies, clotted cream (we actually cheated and just made homemade whipped cream because it was easier), and served with strawberry jam.

The top tier is for desserts, and dear god we had plans for this tier. Jenn and I homemade lemon tartlettes and apple pie cheesecake shooters. Shelly got her hands on a homemade Texas sheet cake from her sweet MIL, and she cut it into poppable bites (DANGEROUS). We also went off the rails at Costco the previous day and really wanted the Coconut bites from there… They were organic, so that’s healthy, right?!

On each tea plate we laid a cut little Classic Italian Biscotti, also from Costco.

Teas were picked specifically by Jenn and after I told her I think I’d rather have teas with strings attached (as opposed to floating bags without strings, because I am an uncultured swine) she let me know that only she would know that we were downgrading flavor for strings attached, buuuut that she was okay with that (I died laughing here because I am not well versed in all things tea apparently). Jenn picked an assortment of Twinnings brand English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Chai, and a Stash Peach Tea from World Market.


I designed a little menu with the same template I used to make the invitations, and printed them again at Walgreens!


Okay I got insanely lucky here. Shelly’s aunt is a wedding coordinator and has a ton of stock linens and fancy decor that we borrowed, Shelly also had access to water goblets, cutlery, champagne glasses, and SO much more, Leah is practically a florist and loves doing fresh flowers for events like this, and Jenn and I had leftovers from our weddings last year. Between the four us us, all we really needed was the tea sets for tables.

This was where it got tricky. Local rental companies were wanting an arm and a leg for a simple setting, and I wanted the whole 9 yards of course. Places out of town were much cheaper, but it was a 24 hour rental period, meaning I’d need to drive at least an hour and a half to pick up the items the day of the shower (and then drive back…), and return them the next day. So no, that was not happening. We were looking at throwing the whole idea out (because $10-12 a setting is nuts for tea cups and large plates, and the drive out of town would be too much in time and effort), when I decided to throw a post on Instagram seeing if ANYONE had a connection to some tea stuff. Again, luck prevailed (though, tea parties are a growing trend so definitely reach out to your social media friends before renting from a company) and I was contacted by a friend from high school who’d recently had tea party items from her wedding last year! She rented me large plates, salad plates, tea plates, tea cups, a few teapots (I purchased the others from Tuesday Morning), bud vases, cutlery, and napkins for a fraction of what the bigger companies were charging for HALF the amount of stuff. Let me tell you, her mismatch tea set items were ALL THE RAGE. They were absolutely gorgeous and really set off the whole event!


As I mentioned before, setup for the party the day of was hectic. We had the party outside because the weather was gorgeous, but the downside to that was that we couldn’t actually set much up until the morning of the party. Thankfully, I had my MIL and cousin, and many close friends show up early to pull it all together 2 hours before the big event. Of course, these sweet ladies (and their hubbies) helped to pick up, so it wasn’t much of a cluster for Nik and I.

Guests started arriving at 11 AM as scheduled, and departed around 1:30-2 PM. We were showered beyond our wildest dreams with the last of our baby essentials, and only had to come out of pocket about another $150 to close out all the necessities that we could think of for now.


My sweet friends helped me clean up a ton, and the hubby and I finished up on Sunday. We’re spending the next 2 weeks just purging our house of all the old items and clothes we don’t use, making room for our sweet boy, and reorganizing, so you could say we’re nesting (and resting, because that is tough work!).

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We have gotten an insane amount of love and feedback on the shower, and I’m so, so excited to share the details! Feel free to message me if I’ve left any questions unanswered, or if I can help guide you in planning your big event!

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