Best Tips During A Job Interview (From The Interviewers Perspective)

Best Tips During A Job Interview (From The Interviewers Perspective)

What are you supposed to say during the dreaded interview when looking to get the job? They have such ridiculous questions, and you have to have a good answer otherwise…...NEXT. I’ve had employees for the last 8 years, ranging from 1-12 employees at a time, which means I’ve interviewed close to 100 people. These 100 people are a fraction of the thousands we’ve had apply, drop in with resumes, flat out ask us for a job, email, etc. So needless to say, I know my way around those awkward interviews. And let me tell you, they’re just as awkward to conduct, as they are to answer for. What I can tell you is that 99% of what you’re telling a potential employer is not in the answers you’re saying! I’ll share a few tips with you so you can see inside the mind’s eye of an interviewer, and hopefully catch a glimpse of what your future employer is looking for!



This is probably the most underestimated area for many people, and it’s truthfully one of the most important pieces of information in this article. In a study conducted by a group of behavioral scientists, the scientists spent an hour with an eclection of people (we will call these people Group “A”) assessing Group “A” for perceived intelligence, health, trustworthiness, confidence, leadership capabilities, etc. Following that study, they showed a recorded video of the interviews of Group “A” to another group of people (we will call these people Group “B”). Group “B” participants did not have any type of training, but were asked to rate the interviewees from Group “A” in the same categories. Group “B” came to the same results as the behavioral scientists. What’s even more interesting, is that Group “B” made their judgments within the first 10 seconds of the recorded interview. Without audio. Or color.

When I’m interviewing someone for a position, I first enter the room and expect the interviewee to greet me, or at least greet me back nicely, to shake my hand with confidence and eye contact, and to be aware of their posture throughout the interview. Sitting up straight, or even leaning forward slightly tells me that they are engaged, whereas slumping or leaning back lets me know that they may not be interested, or even lazy. Be aware of your posture, hand movements, and eye contact throughout the interview, because it could make or break the meeting more than what you have to say.



The very first thing that I notice, and heavily monitor, is timeliness. Do you care enough about this job interview to be prompt? Bonus points if you’re early, but at the very minimum be on time for your personal judgement day. If someone is late for an interview, I immediately give them a mental strike, because in my eyes, that lack of respect for punctuality will continue to be a problem. If you can’t be there on time to land a new job, I doubt you will be there on time for regular days to come. That’s what is going through your interviewer’s mind anyway.



Attire goes a long way for your new employer as well. We’ve interviewed for blue collar and white collar positions, and a disheveled look for either field is noticed. I’m not saying wear a tux to the interview if you’re applying for an entry level or labor position, but a collar and stain free, pressed business pants go farther than you think. Also, consider covering up tattoos and removing noticeable piercings for your interview. We’ve hired people completely covered in tattoos, some of which couldn’t be completely concealed, but they’ve made it a point to attempt it and ask our policies on tattoos during the meeting. ‘A’ for effort!



For most positions you’re applying for, you’ll have to interact with people on a daily basis. This can range from fellow employees, supervisors, subordinates, customers, clients, etc. A potential employer wants to see if you can genuinely greet people with a smile, or if you have a severe case of……. R‘NS’F (resting ‘non-smiling’ face.) Remember that study about judging people within the first 10 seconds? A smile is or isn’t noticed within that small time frame, so this advise is simple, but important. SMILE. Smile to the receptionist, smile to other people applying, smile to your interviewer, smile to customers coming through the door! Just. Smile.



One of the hardest things to create in an office, especially in an office smaller than 15 people, is a positive office culture. This has always been important to us. Farrrrrrr more important than a college degree, or years of extensive experience. We have taken chances on people we liked with ZERO experience, and we’ve had terrible employees that had a gleaming resume at the interview. As an interviewer, we are trying to gauge, very quickly, if you will mesh with the office culture we have created, and not have any negative affect on others, therefore bringing down the office vibe as a whole. My personal philosophy on this, is that you can teach someone a system or procedures, but you can’t teach them to have a more positive attitude. Maybe I’ll do an article on creating a better team vibe one day soon. Long story short, you won’t hear back from us if you don’t mesh well with the office vibe. We really protect our culture!



If you think we’re not looking at your Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else we can find online, you are sorely mistaken. We do some pretty extensive background and social media searches to assess what kind of person you want to portray yourself as, what you do in your spare time, and what you’re posting about. This is something we do after we’ve interviewed and need to narrow it down a little bit more. Your Facebook tells us a lot about who you are and who you want to be, so make sure those two people are someone that wants to get hired!

There you have it, some good tips to practice. Now, you can do all of these things and still not get the job, but these will certainly help. Just do the best to let your own personality shine through and try to relax! Let me know if you have any other tips or tricks that have helped you land a job, or what you would stay away from!

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