Nik & Kenzie Boone are the faces behind Balancing the Boones Blog. From building their family, owning their own businesses, and being self-dubbed food and beauty enthusiasts, the Boones have plenty to share with the world!


“The Boones” Behind The Balancing Act:

Whether through some kind of rabbit-hole you’ve fallen into, a social media post that peaked your interest, or a true case of the cat-killing-curiosities, we’re so excited you’ve (somehow) ended up on our blog.

We are 26-year-old California natives, born and raised in the central valley. If you don’t know where that is, it’s somewhere between the Pacific Ocean and Las Vegas, in a place where agriculture, economy, and families really blossom. We’re a true 2 hour drive from snow, beaches, fabulous food, and entertainment. We also have the benefit of living on the west coast without that obnoxious price tag on housing.

We’d been together 8 years before getting married in October of 2017, and our little family is growing by one addition in December of 2018! Nik became a realtor in 2010 and is now a broker and owner of Ascend Real Estate & Property Management, where Kenzie helps out with human resources, payroll, and marketing, and Nik focuses on sales and investments. Kenzie is also a freelance makeup artist, primarily focusing on bridal party makeup and hair styling, and makeup tutorials for all. Some may say we like to be busy, we’re out of our minds, or that we must enjoy being a little overwhelmed. We would say they’re right.

We’re both foodies, and though not formally trained in the kitchen, Kenzie can put down some serious grub. Nik on the other hand prefers to be the executive taste-tester and sometimes takes his job a bit too seriously. From baking to entertaining, and even kitchen basics, we will be sure to share any and all secrets we can find to conquering the kitchen.  

We also dabble in DIY house projects, LOVE to travel near and far, and we’re both pretty health-conscious. We enjoy relaxing in good company, snuggling our fur children, and the day-to-day hustle that is our everyday life. Follow us on our social medias (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) for daily updates, tidbits, and humor! Thanks for visiting!

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